Stephen Bogoff - Antiquarian Horologist

Unsolicited Testimonials

Hello Steve,
Received the watch this morning! Very nice item!!! Heavy and in good condition, everything fine! Thanks once more and hope for more interesting objects! Best,
RR, Germany, May 2019

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to confirm that the parcel arrived and I have inspected the watch. Which is in beautiful condition. I have wind it which happens to be smooth. I am currently testing it to ensure full operational conditions. Thank you very much for your diligence in shipping and making the right arrangements. Looking forward to buy more watches in the future from you. With my best regards,
WP, Switzerland, May 2019

Mr. Bogoff: 
I received the beautiful watch two weeks ago, and it has hardly been off my wrist since.  I was amazed at the overall beautiful condition:  case, great enamel bezel, dial, hinges, the whole timepiece, Thank you again so much for your patience and friendly service in the transaction.  I hope to do business with you again in the future.  Thanks again for everything,
SC, California, May 2019

Hello Stephen.
I received my watch today and I am very pleased with my purchase. You will be hearing from me again at some point to order another. Thanks again!
RS, Wisconsin, January 2019

Watch arrived in excellent condition and working well. Thanks, as always.
PS, New York, August 2018

It's here! I wound it up and it's ticking. It's really a cool little object! Thank you so much...
JG Canada May 2018

The watch looks great and it is ticking away. Thank you. Take care,
FP, Canada, January 2018

Hi Stephen,
I just received the pocket watch. WOW! It is beautiful. It is a pleasure to do business with you and I will continue to watch your website for my next purchase. Thanks,
RB, Canada, November 2017

Hi Stephen,
I just got home from work yesterday, The pocket watch looks great, thanks. I will continue checking your website and look forward to purchasing more from you, thanks.
RB, Canada, August 2017

Hello Steve
I have got the watch and all is perfect . Thank you for all ! Best regards,
JD, France, September 2017

Hi Steve,
Took delivery of my beautiful little timepiece today. It is beautiful and delicate, and running fine. Thank you!!
MB, California, September 2017

Hi Steve,
Watch received! Thanks, looks very fine. I am very pleased with it!
PS, August 2017, Netherlands

Hi Steve,
The watch is beautiful! We love it! Thank you so much! Hope we'll have the chance to deal with you again. Cheers!
ST, Hong Kong, August 2017

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived safely today in lovely condition. It's a fine piece. Many thanks for quick and friendly service. I will be sure to keep an eye on your pages in the future. Kind regards,
TB, July 2017, United Kingdom

Hi Steve.
 I did just get the watch today it is very beautiful and heavy. As of now I am going to pass on the other watch for now because I want to look at all the other great pocket watches that you have first to decide what to get next. I will be back in touch.  Thanks
RS,  Indiana,  February 2017

Received the watch today simply beautifull! I really love it, thank you very much ! Till the next one.
AS, Kentucky, February 2017

Hi Stephen
The watch arrived safely this morning. Very pleased with it. Thanks for the great service. I'll be sure to bookmark your webpage for future reference. Many thanks
TB, January 2017, UK

The watch is great. Thanks so much. Regards,
PS, New York September 2016

I got it. It is super beautiful. Your attention to detail and my patience paid off. I hope we can do business sometime again. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
RS, Washington DC, September 2016

Hi Steve
Received the watch today. This piece is in supreme condition! Way better than the pictures on the website.
CB Australia July 2016

Dear Steve,
Timepiece received and I am stoked!!!! Thank you for allowing me to add this to my collection. I shall keep an eye on your website for anything else that tweaks my interest. Many thanks,
CB, Hong Kong, July 2016

Hi Steve,
I went to the post office on Friday and picked up the watch, which was in fine shape. When I got home I wound it, set the time and have been running it since; it's working just fine and keeping good time. I am very pleased with my new treasure! Thanks so much for a great experience, first-rate customer service and a beautiful watch.
Best, CR May 2016 North Carolina

The watch just arrived, and it's fantastic. Thanks, Stephen.
Best. LP March 2016 Georgia

Dear Steve,
I received the pocket watch on Friday. It's beautiful! Thanks!
S.T. February 2016 Hong Kong

Hi Stephen
Watch received today. Pristine condition! Superb piece. Kind Regards,
C.B. February 2016 Australia

Hi Steve!
I just got the watch. Words fail me really truly extraordinary. I've been looking at the paintings under plenty of light, and the quality of the enamel is breathtaking. I also want to compliment you on a really smooth transaction experience. Hope to come back to you soon!
A.P. Washington Janary 2016

Finally arrived on Wed; it's great. Thanks
M.D. Pennsylvania January, 2016

Dear Steve,
Watch arrived safe and sound. It is a beautiful watch and all functions are working. Thanks and Regards
RP, New Jersey, September 2015

Steve, thanks for working with me. I love the watch. It is a pleasure to wear it. Here's the story behind it. When my parents were engaged in 1948/49, my mother's mother gave my father this watch as an engagement present because it had no visible stem wind. He was in the textile business and she thought that threads might catch on the stem wind. (He didn't wear a watch). When I graduated from college in 1973, our house was robbed and the watch was taken. (He hadn't worn it, of course). I've looked for many years for a back wind, back set Cartier watch, but have only been able to find conventional tanks. So this sort of puts things back to where they were 42 years ago. I thought you'd find this of interest. BTW it keeps excellent time and is easy to wind once you get the hang of it. It runs almost 48 hours in a full wind. Again thanks.
SR, New York, August 2015

My pocket watch arrived this morning! Thank you. I am very pleased with it and I followed your directions. Again, my sincerest thanks.
OO, Arkansas, July 2015

Hi Steve,
It's brilliant ! The moment that I held it I knew that it was exactly what I hoped it to be. It is quite beautiful, and in a deeply eccentric way does indeed average accuracy of five minutes per diem; and at that age we are all entitled to our little eccentricities......... As ever, a pleasure ! Yours ay,
CD, UK, August 2015

Received in good order last Friday. Watch runs and keeps time. My wife's already worn it out, receiving compliments. As always, we're very satisfied customers.
JS, Louisiana, July 2015

I just got home and opened it. It's beautiful. Thank you.
SR New York July, 2015

I just received the watch. It is working great and looks even better. It was totally worth the wait. Hopefully, we can do more business in the future. Thanks,
BH, Indiana, July 2015

The repeater arrived in perfect shape and is working fine. Thanks,
PS, New York, July 2015

Dear Steve
The watch arrived yesterday in pristine condition. Thank you very much.
RP, NJ, June 2015

Hi Steve,
Well the watch finally arrived and it looks and feels fantastic. From the moment I put it on my wrist, it has performed extremely well. I must say it is an impressive piece of engineering and art. Thanks for all of your help
BC March 2015 UK

Hi Steve:
The watch was delivered late Monday afternoon. I like the watch very much! Best,
GS March 2015 Maryland

Hi there....the watch arrived with no problems, I am very pleased! Thank you Stephen,
J.W. January 2015 Florida

Hi Steve, picked up parcel this morning and, as usual magnificent. Thank you again for service and crystals for grandfathers watch, all much appreciated.
BB October 2014 Australia

Dear Stephen,
Thank you! All arrived. You were fantastic from the other side of the world, in wisdom and fairness. I look forward to seeing the watches and in the meantime my Dad says they are beautiful.
MR Vietnam and Florida, July 2014

Hi Steve:
I have the watch and it is stunning. I envy you for dealing with such beautiful and important antiques.
All the best, P.D. July, 2014

Thank you. I wish I had another watch to sell you.
Best wishes, P.G., California, May 2014

Hi Stephen
Just wanted to let you know that the watches arrived this morning in perfect condition. They are both little gems. I really enjoy perusing your website, the descriptions & photos of your fabulous offerings were very helpful in making my choices (not an easy task given the extensive scope of your collection). I really appreciate your prompt replies to my questions. I hope to do more business with you in the future & would certainly recommend you to family and friends. Thanks so much for all your help.
Sincerely, KW, North Carolina, April, 2014

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived yesterday and is gleamingly beautiful. I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you for providing me with yet another wonderment !
All the best, CD UK March 2014

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived today without any problems, very fast shipment ! The watch is wonderful, excellent dial and is running perfect. Thank you very much for this nice package. Kind regards
SR, Switzerland, December 2013

Steve, the watch is now in hand and is nothing short of spectacular.
Thanks and regards, CG, Canada, October 2013

Hi Steve!
This evening I came back home after work and the package was there! After the unboxing ritual I saw the watch in all its beauty. It survived all the miles from USA to Switzerland very well and it's in nice working order. I would say it is back home! It's just perfect and the movement looks really complicated. And when it chimes... no words... the tones are simply beautiful!!. Thank you again! Great support by purchasing and really professional!
Kind regards MV, Switzerland September 2013

Thank you so much. I received the watch yesterday afternoon, and I am quite pleased with it. I will make sure to keep my eye on your website!
RK Texas August 2013

I just received the watch. It's keeping good time and it is much prettier than it photographs. I appreciate your quick turnaround, beating my timeline by two days. As always, a pleasure doing business with you.
J.S., Louisiana, July 2013

Hi Steve
The watch arrived safely this morning and as usual, I am very pleased with it. Thank you.
Regards, HW, Singapore, July 2013

Got it this morning. It's beautiful! Thank you.
DH California June 2013

Hi Steve,
I received the watch this morning in fine working order. I read and re-read all the instructions before doing anything and everything worked out fine:>) It looks and runs as well as it was displayed and described on the web-site. ItÕs just beautiful.
Thanks so much, LS, New Jersey, May 2013

Hi Steve,
The watches arrived safely today without a hitch, and even slightly ahead of schedule, and were left with my late neighbours' son ! I set them against my longcase clock about three quarters of an hour ago - which as a dweller in the San Francisco area you might be amused to learn is by a Girvan maker rejoicing in the name of Robert Hunter ! - and thus far, you'll be pleased to know, (though not, I think, surprised), all three are in accord. They are beautiful pieces, and very distinctive: I am so glad that I decided to opt for both of them.It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to the next occasion. In the meantime please keep me up to date with any new items that arrive in either watch category. With my grateful thanks, and all the very best to you,
CD UK April 2013

Just to let you know that I have received the watch. It is beautiful!
All the best, VI Italy March 2013

Hi Stephen
The watch arrived in Sydney yesterday. It is a wonderful piece!
Thanks, PT, Australia, March 2013

Hi Steve,
I received the watch and everything is in order. Thank you very much.
GN New York February 2013

Your cheque arrived today, a pleasant welcome to the new year. Many thanks. We wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2013.
Cheers, RH Canada January, 2013

Hello Steve,
Just wanted to let you know that the repeater arrives today safe and sound. I am very happy with it. Thank you for your professional service. Thank you again.
Best wishes, RB Colorado October 2012

Hi, Steve -

The skeleton repeater watch arrived yesterday. Now that I've opened it, wound it, examined it and listened to it, I can't find the words to express how really beautiful it is! What a skilled watchmaker created this complicated mechanism two hundred some years ago. And, of course, I appreciate your skill in finding and bringing into top shape the fine watches you have. This is just as you described it. Again, thanks. I'm so glad I have the privilege of being a custodian of these pieces for awhile!! Best regards, DS, Florida, August 2012

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived in good condition today at 10:00 oÕclock in the morning. Thanks for the rapid transaction. Excellent service!
All the best from Germany. SB July, 2012

Hi Steve,
The watch was finally delivered safely this afternoon. The watch is simply awesome! The condition is almost like mint and I'm sure it also keeps good time. It is one of the best in its class I have owned or seen. Please keep me updated on future stock.
Best regards. WS Singapore June 2012

Hi Steve,
I am very happy that you found the watch to be satisfactory. I am sending you the copy of the bill of sale with my driver's license and I will send the original tomorrow It has been a real pleasure to deal with you .
Sincerely, CB June 2012 Massachusetts

Hello Steve,
The watch arrived at about 3:00 PM. The watch is very beautiful. I am very pleased. I don't regret that I have bought the watch. It was very well packaged. Thank you very much. When you get another Dutch watch, please let me know. Have a nice day.
Cordially, SM The Netherlands June 2012

Hi Steve,
the watch arrived today unhurt and in good condition (and at a great pace). Great service, thank you very much! Have a nice weekendÉ with best regards,
SB Germany May 2012

Good morning Steve.
The watch is arrived, thank you so much! I like it so much. I hope buy more watches from you soon.
Best regards; AF Japan May 2012

Hi, Steve -
The watch was here when I got home today. It is just as you have described it - a truly fine piece of craftsmanship in fine condition, with all functions operating well. Thank you for your continued professionalism. I particularly appreciate your communication and willingness to answer my various questions. Again, thanks so much,
DS Florida May 2012

Hi Steve,
I did receive your watch this morning. Its a beautiful thing, and in good working condition as well - I am very pleased with it, thanks.
Regards, PW Australia March 2012

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived safely, and it's beautiful!
Many thanks, TA February 2012 Canada

Hi Stephen:
The watch just arrived a few minutes ago. The watch is a true stunner, just as was the last one I purchased for my wife back in June. BTW, she still marvels at it when she pulls it out for an event; doesn't bother her in the least that its a man's watch.
Best, LG Connecticut January 2012

Dear Mr. Bogoff,
I collected the watch from the local post office this morning. Everything is in pristine order. The watch is in even better condition than the photographs seemed to indicate. All the working details of the watch function as they should (chronograph, repeating train, etc.), and I'm delighted with it. Thank you so very much for a thoroughly pleasant arrangement, and I feel I may turn to you in the not-so-distant future for another watch.
JF Illinois 11/10

Watch arrived in good condition. Thanks.
CK Minnesota October 2010

Hi, Steve
The watch is very,I like it so much,thanks again. If you have other pieces, let me know.
Best, CF Bolivia October 2010

Hi Steve,
I picked up watch yesterday, just as described, thank you! I appreciate everything that you did to make this happen! A very satisfied customer.
Kind regards, SJ September 2010 California

I received the check today, you were great to work with.
Thank you, MS Utah September 2010

Dear Sir,
Surprisingly the pocket watches are far more beautiful and attractive than I ever imagined and I am really proud of owning them. Thanks again for these awesome pocket watches. I'll treasure it always.
Warm regards, SJ Singapore September 2010

Hi Steve,
I received the watch yesterday as planned. It is working well and the tones are beautiful ! This little watch is a masterpiece ! Thanks !
P.S. August 2010 Switzerland

Hi Steve,
I have the watch in my hand. It is going to be a wonderful gift.
thx again, LP, UK, August 2010

We retrieved the watch from the P.O. yesterday. The piece is great. It's keeping time well.
JS Ohio August 2010

Dear Stephen,
Your check arrived this morning. Thank you very much. I would be happy to recommend you if you like.
TK , Pennsylvania June 2010

Hi Steve,
I appreciate everything you did to help me acquire the watch, it is beautiful! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and inspiring me in the growing interest I now have in these treasures.
DJ Alabama July 2010

Hi Steve,
I received the two clocks today and I would like to thank you again, both of them are outstanding and much better in reality than in the pictures. I would also like to thank you for your kind support and cooperation. I hope that soon I will be able to order again some of your wonderful items.
Thank you again, AC July 2010 Romania

IÕm at a loss for words. This little baby is so beautiful!! The bracelet is exactly the right length for me; the face is so readable for such a tiny dial; and I just canÕt believe IÕm wearing it after all these years. IÕm way beyond happy right nowÉ thank you so much!
LB July 2010 New York

The watch is beautiful!!!
CM, Florida July 2010

It arrived and looks splendid. I SHALL START WEARING IT immediately.
BF New York July, 2010

Dear Mr. Bogoff,
Saturday morning I received the Dudley watch in the mail and it is more beautiful than the picture could ever show. I have been saving for this watch for some time and having it in my possession now is very special. I have had a wonderful experience in dealing with your professionalism and courtesy. I will keep your web address in my address book and will be happy to give it to anyone who is looking for the types of watches you deal in especially DudleyÕs. It is a good feeling when you deal with someone of your character and honesty.
Respectfully, BB May 2010 Pennsylvania

The watch arrived safely. It is a very lovely watch much nicer in reality than in the pictures. The dial is particularly delicate which I appreciate. I am very pleased with the look and quality of the watch it is an excellent timekeeper. Thank You Best Regards
JL June 2010 Massachusetts

Hi Mr. Bogoff,
I received my watch chain yesterday a.m. and it is beautiful, thank you. It was very nice doing business with you and I hope that you have a great day.
Sincerely; EB, Ohio, May 2010

Hi Mr. Bogoff,
I received my watch chain yesterday a.m. and it is beautiful, thank you. It was very nice doing business with you and I hope that you have a great day.
Sincerely; EB, Ohio, May 2010

It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Thanks for all your help. Best, EB, New York, May 2010

Hi Steve,
This watch is the nicest I have in my collection.
Thanks, J.H. Illinois April 2010

Hi Steve
That price sounds more than fair to me--especially since we almost threw it into the metal recycling bin, ha ha. I guess I've learned an important lesson--the easy way! I think you have all the necessary information on the return address label, but if you need anything else, let me know. Thanks again----VERY MUCH!
T.H. Maryland April 2010

Received, thanks, looks perfect.
H.T. New York March 2010

Morning Steve,
The Patek arrived in perfect condition a few minutes ago. As so many of your other customer testimonials say, "the watch certainly exceeds expectations." The piece looks so much more special than the pics. Thank you for your information and helpful advice.
Thanks again for the service. PP Texas March 2010

I just received the movement and I am very pleased with it. . Thank you for your help.
Best regards, H.L. Virginia March 2010

Dear Steve,
The watch arrived this morning. (I presume snow storms kept it from arriving Friday or Saturday.) It appears to be in fine working order.
Many thanks, N.P. New York March 2010

Hello Steve
Watch arrived safe and sound. Am very happy with it.
Many thanks, S.G. Australia February 2010

Hi Steven
I have already received the watch and it has arrived in perfect conditions. Thank you very much. By the way, the watch is really nice!
Cordially, J.M. Spain, February 2010

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail and say thanks. My wife loved the watch and has worn it several times and has received several complements. Thanks again for such a quick turn time to ensure we had it before Christmas. You have been great to work with and all the advice has been a huge help. Customer service is a lost art these days so it means a lot when you find someone who still provides it.
Keep up the great work. R.P. Texas January 2010

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived yesterday 1/3/09 and was in good order. It was even more beautiful than the photos.
Thanks, L.S. Pennsylvania January 2010

Hi Steve,
I hope you had a pleasant Christmas/ New Year holiday. I received the watch a couple of days ago and was happy to see it running well and in excellent condition. I gave it to my wife and she was absolutely blown away, just as I was at first. Your support throughout the whole process was very much appreciated. I thank you for everything.
Kind Regards, M.K. Kuwait January 2010

Hello Steve!!
I am very happy!! The watch was delivered yesterday morning and is really awesome. It looks very much better physically than in the photos. I want to express my congratulations to you for the quality of the maintenance you perform on the watches and also the great care on shipping and handling for the pieces you sell. It has been a great pleasure to make business with you!!!
Best regards, J.V. Mexico November 2009

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to let you know that the funds came through today. Thank you again for all your help and quick response with everything.
All the best, P.W. United Kingdom September 2009

I received the watch and it is beautiful and has been running great --
Thanks R.T. New Mexico September 2009

Dear Steve,
I have been away cruising off the coast of Maine in a boat I wish were larger, and have just returned. The watch is quite beautiful, and quite massive. Working just fine. Looks great with a fine chain I have, worn with jeans (which is just about where we pocket watch wearers are now, since pants no longer come with watch pockets).
Regards, S.S. Connecticut August, 2009

The two watches arrived yesterday and are working well. We're very happy with them.
Thanks, J.S. Ohio August 2009

Watch arrived. Appears to be in fine shape.
Best, N.P. New York August 2009

Hi Steve,
I really love this watch!
Thank you again, K.V. California August 2009

Hi Steve!
Watch arrived this morning! Everything is fine! Hope to do business with you again!
R.F. Germany August 2009

I received the watch. All is well. Thank you. N.C. New Jersey July 2009

Dear Steve,
I have taken delivery of the watch and it looks great. Thanks very much. I look forward to enjoying this timepiece and perhaps other interesting items from your list in the future.
Best Regards, R.K. Singapore July 2009

Hello Steve,
The watch arrived today wonderfully protected and boxed. Thank you. I am very excited to have it. What a wonderful treasure and surprise I will have for my husband. Thank you for your help in making it happen.
Sincerely, M.P. Maryland July, 2009

Hello Steve,
The watch arrived, and I am pleased with it. I am glad that we were able to work this all out so that I could be the owner of this nice watch.
M.S. California June 2009

Hi Steve.
Watch received today in excellent shape. It's even prettier in person!!! Thanks for everything; a pleasure dealing with you as always. Regards, CG Canada June 2009

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived this afternoon! It's wonderful - thank you.
Cordially, J.B., Nevada, May 2009

This watch arrived today in fine shape. It is a very nice piece.
Thanks, C.P., Georgia, May, 2009

I have worn it constantly since I unpacked it. I love it. thank you for helping me get this watch.
Thanks again, MA, California, May 2009

Watch received in great shape, Steve, thanks. Don't forget to show it as sold! A pleasure doing business with you.
Regards, C.G., Canada, May 2009

Hello Steve,
Well, there it is! The watch arrived today in good order. I think it is beautiful. I thank you, also for your commitment during shipping.
Kind regards, A.W., The Netherlands, March 2009

Hi Steve
I received the watch in good order today. Thanks & Best regards.
J.H.A, Dubai March 2009

Thanks, Steve. Am in Boston this week, but I am wearing the Tri-Compax. It is beautiful! Yes, even better than in the photos! I went to a local Ventura watch repairman before I left. He was very impressed with the watch. Appreciate your patience!
Regards, TP, California February 2009

Good morning Steve,
The watch arrived today and I love it. Thanx for packaging it so carefully. Probably would have survived WWIII, so no damages there. Thanx again for the trade and nice chats. Every advice appreciated.
T.G. Bahamas February, 2009

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the check in the mail yesterday. Thank you. Thanks again for your professionalism and integrity. It's hard to know who you're doing business with online sometimes, but I would recommend you to others as a trustworthy businessman.
V.S. Oklahoma February, 2009

Hi Steve,
I just want to let you know that I received the watch; it works beautifully and I am absolutely delighted! Many thanks for having allowed me to make payments over several months. I am very grateful.
With best wishes, M.H., Massachusetts January 2009

Good morning Steve, I got watch and I love it, thank you. Should you see a good old German repeater please email.
H.K. California December, 2008

Watch arrived and is beautiful! Thanks so much! It was a pleasure doing business with you!
K.M. Texas December 2008

Hi Steve,
The watch and chain arrived safely. They are very beautiful. Thank you for your special effort to achieve the transaction before Christmas.
Happiest of Holidays and Kindest Regards, D.B. Colorado December, 2008

IT'S PERFECT! I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
J.S. California December 2008

I can't remember if I told you Tom received the fob. We have and it is beautiful. Tom is thrilled and he has received a lot of compliments.
Regards, K.B., South Carolina, November 2008

Hello Steve,
I just arrived back in town and picked up my watch. It is absolutely beautiful and will fast be my favorite to wear. Thank you for your wonderful communication and the friendly, professional transaction. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Sincerely, T.B., Colorado November, 2008

The pieces are AMAZING. What else have you got? Please send me some images.
A.N., California October 2008

Hi Steve, got your email and the watches! Arrived safely, very nice. Thanks!
R.W. Massachusetts October 2008

Thanks for the 411 on your watches. It's an exquisite time piece. Can you give the shpiel on winding so I get it right from the start. I'll be in touch, I will be back to you for sure.
M.L. California October, 2008

Steve, I received the Elgin Veritas today. It is everything it was advertised to be and I am very pleases with it. By the way, I am looking for a 21J Veritas with an U/D indicator. If you happen across one, send me an e-mail.
Thanks again, K.R., Texas October, 2008

It is rare in a world largely concerned with satisfaction on demand, to find someone as caring as Stephen Bogoff, who spends a long time helping his customers to find what they want, rather than what he wants to sell them. He is a professional and trustworthy dealer, absolutely straightforward and honest, with no hidden agenda. Those who are interested in watches, with all the vast variety of complications and varying types of escapement, quite apart from the aesthetic look of the watch itself, will find no one better or more willing to help. Of course he runs a business, but dealing with him is a very pleasant and rewarding experience, the proof of which will be found in the purchase of a watch from him. My repeater arrived beautifully packed and very quickly, and is a delight to me.
G.E., Scotland July, 2008

Hi Stephen,
I received your payment. I would like to thank you again for being so helpful and honest throughout this process. To reiterate, should you ever need a reference for a potential client I would be happy to act as one. I wish you the best of luck.
Take care, C.B. Canada October 2008

Hello, Steve,
The watch has just arrived! It is just beautiful and so unusual and since I have always been a fan of pink gold, it is perfect. So pleased to have found your website, and particularly appreciate the care you take in dealing with your customers. I look forward to working with you again.
Regards, V.M. Maine September 2008

Hi Steve ...
The watch arrived yesterday, well-packaged and in excellent shape.  It is a beautiful piece.  While the photos on your website were very detailed and informative, and the written description was quite complete, I'm pleased to say that the watch is all that you promised and much more.  It won't be easy to wait until Christmas to give it to my husband.  I thank you, as well, for your patience and flexibility as I arranged for my friend to view the watch in person and as I checked your references, which you so willingly gave.  This was a big purchase for me, and your assurances and professionalism made buying from an online retailer possible.
With best wishes, G.W. California September 2008

The watch arrived today and is indeed a beautiful piece. Thanks!!!
H.S. North Carolina September 2008

Hello Stephen-
You are hearing from a very satisfied customer. The watch arrived yesterday, was examined today, and reported by my watchmaker as a beautiful example of its kind. This supported my view as well. Certainly it was as good or better than advertised. In fact, your pictures overstated the dial flaws, which errs on the side that a customer hopes for; surprises should, at least, not be unpleasant, which these days in not commonly the case. Should you ever want for a reference, it will be my pleasure. Be assured that I will post this satisfaction on the Timezone forum. Thank you.
Best regards, W.C. Massachusetts September 2008

Dear Stephen,
The pocket watch arrived is beautiful and in magnificent condition,just as you had it described on your web page It has now taken its place on display with my other fine watches and pocket watches.I love them all. Thank you again for your assistance in the purchase, you made it so easy Have a great day,
G. M., Australia September 2008

I received the watch, and the pictures do not do it justice!
Many Thanks, FM, Rhode Island August 2008

Steve - the watches have arrived and are okay. They look great. The dials are in great shape. Thanks and looking forward to additional business.
GI, California June 2008

Hi Steve,
I just picked up the watch from Customs - no problems. Watch looks great. Looking forward to doing business with you again.
Thanks, TM, Germany June 2008

Hi Steve
Just picked up the watch from FedEx.  It is really as you described it and it is a very beautiful piece, and in excellent condition.  Everything on it is working as it should, and I appreciate your advice in helping me select this particular piece.
Warmest regards, GG Texas May 2008

Hi Steve,
Have just come back from a short break away with family. The watch arrived on Saturday and I have been to collect it today - wow, it is fabulous. Many, many thank you's - its even nicer than the pics. If you would like me to send comments, I would be happy to give these and indeed for anyone to contact me about how well you have handled the sale. I will forever sing your praises - sorry I was such a horror about sending money via a wire transfer. Thanks again
A.R. United Kingdom May 2008

Hi Steve,
The watch is beautiful, and I thank you. The watch keeps time very well. I shall make contact with you again when I wish to buy another watch for my collection. If you come across a silver minute repeater, please keep me in mind as a potential buyer. I hope that this message finds you happy and well.
Your Friend, R.P., Washington April 2008

Dear Steve,
I have received the watch today! The sound of repeater is very good. Thanks for your business and I hope we can do more business in near future.
Best regards, J.N, Japan April 2008

Got the watch ... beautiful. Many envious brethren ...
Tx. J.F. Canada April 2008

We received the watch yesterday..Thank you, it is gorgeous!
Regards, D.M., NY April 2008

Hi Steve,
Forgot to tell you I already received the very nice timepiece. Thanks.
Regards, NT, Singapore April 2008

Hi Steve,
I got it, and it is gorgeous! Thank you very much.
Kind regards, R.L., Florida April 2008

Dear Steve,
Received my watch about three hours ago...I don't like it I love it. It's better than I expected. Thanks for being truthful and handling it in a timely manner. I greatly appreciated it seeing as how all kinds of dishonesty occurs on the internet.
T.B. South Carolina April 2008

Hi Steve,
Have just come back from a short break away with family. The watch arrived on Saturday and I have been to collect it today - wow, it is fabulous. Many, many thank you's - its even nicer than the pics. If you would like me to send comments, I would be happy to give these and indeed for anyone to contact me about how well you have handled the sale. I will forever sing your praises. Thanks again
A. R., very satisfied customer xxx UK March 20008

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived today. It is beautiful.It keeps time well, and it chimes so sweetly. I like it. I like it a lot. When I have saved enough for another, I'll check your site. I am especially fond of the Mysterieuse. Thanks again. Cheers,
R.P., Washington January 2008

Dear Stephen,
They are both absolutely gorgeous! Thank you! Once again thanks and I am sure I will be visiting your website again.
I.R., United Kingdom December 2007

Dear Steve,
It has been my pleasure to work with you. You are very professional and fast. We have made a mistake with the payment, that's partially my banker's fault and mine. I have attached our bank details so you can send the remaining amount back. I have received the watch, thank you for your kind assistance
Best regards, O.M., Moscow December 2007

We have deposited your check and appreciate your professionalism and integrity.
Nice doing business with you, S.G. North Carolina November 2007

Hi Steve
Received them and we love them --thank you.
R.T., New Mexico November 2007

Hi Steve,
I have received the watch in good shape. thanks!
L.B., Hawaii November 2007

Dear Steve,
The Watches just arrived this morning and they look gorgeous. I need to thank you for these wonderful Antique Watches. Your professionalism and honesty added more values to the watches and assured me a repeated business with you.
Thank you again, G.B Abu Dhabi November 2007

Hi Stephen,
The watch arrived today at about 11:30am. It looks as good as the photos. My Jeweler says the watch is in perfect condition.
B.S. California November 2007

Hi Steve,
The watch is really beautiful and it works nicely. Thank you very much.
Best regards, J.B. Switzerland October 2007

Aloha Mr. Bogoff:
Received the watch today in great condition, thanks for packing it so carefully. Extremely beautiful timepiece, I love it!!! I will contact you again to purchase a chain for this timepiece.
Best regards, R.K., Hawaii September 2007

Thanks Steve,
I was able to pick the watch up from the post office yesterday. It's a wonderful piece and it's keeping time. You've provided a very pleasant internet shopping experience and your website is an interesting source of reference for antique watches as well as a great place to shop.
B.B. Michigan August 2007

The watch arrived. Thank you very much. I enjoy it immensely.
Godspeed, P.C. California July, 2007

Steve, It was a pleasure doing business with you, and we'll have to do this again in a couple of years.
JM3, Florida July, 2007

Hi Steve,
The watch is more beautiful than I imagined. It is slim, light, and elegant. Currently, I wear a Rolex Oyster Perpetual, and I would not think twice in changing it for the Calatrava. Unfortunately, I bought it as a present for my father's 70th birthday (he was born in 1937 and he loves Pateks). I am sure he will be incredibly happy. Luckily, I will inherit it one day...It was hard to take it off from my wrist. It was a pleasure to deal with you. I will keep in touch.
Thank you again for the assistance, Regards, MT, BC, Canada July, 2007

Hi Steve,
Today I got your great watch - thank you very much. The watch is really beautiful and I am highly pleased. I think the dial looks even better than I remember from your pictures. Your packaging was perfect and the watch "survived " the shipping without any problems. Thanks again for this very smooth transaction.
Best greetings from Switzerland, TS July, 2007

Steve -
I received the watch in good order and it is exactly as you described - "smashing!"
Thank you. FG, Virginia July, 2006

Hi Steve
Thanks for quick reply. this is our first business and I am very happy. I will be your repeat customer.
Good luck in your business. Have a nice day OA Turkey June, 2007

Dear Stephen
The Tobias watch has safely arrived and is indeed very lovely.
Best wishes, GC Australia May, 2007

Hi Steve
Just received my watch. I am very pleased with it and the service you have given me. I have set up a template with my bank and can now transfer funds within a day or two. Thanks again.
MB, UK May, 2007

Hi Steve,
The Patek Philippe watch arrived after 100 years back home safely. Thank you !
With kind regards, JB Switzerland May, 2007

It's here! And "oh boy" it was worth waiting for just as you said. It looks almost "as new". All the others I have show signs of wear usually at the "bow", one was so bad I had to make an attempt at repairing it. It arrived in perfect condition. I have a few examples of the work of Dent the most notable (until now) being a 2 day boxed marine chronometer on gymbals. So, overall I am very pleased with this watch and with the service from your organisation.
Best regards, R.B. United Kingdom April, 2007

Hi Steve,
I received the watch today. It is beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better 40th birthday present for my husband. He absolutely loved it! He knew what it was immediately and was completely enamored by it! Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart. Doing business with you was great! Again, thank you so much!
With warmest regards, J.R., New York April, 2007

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived yesterday! The watch is beautiful and we are very happy. Many thanks. All the best,
JA, UK April, 2007

Absolutely wonderful, a very nice watch. I have not worn a wrist watch since I bought the first pocket watch from you!
J.R.B, Florida April, 2007

Hi Steve--the watch arrived in great shape. It is better looking even than the photos. Thanks again for a great transaction. As I mentioned I will be contacting you in the near future about some others.
Regards, M.F. New York City April, 2007

Hi Steve!!!
The first watch arrived this afternoon and I gave it to my wife tonight and she absolutely loves it!!!. I also think it is perfect for her. I was worried it would be too big/heavy to wear as a pendant watch, but it's just right. I was worried about the appearance of the face because it was a little hard to see in the photo, but it's beautiful!! We are definitely going to keep it for a long time and hand it down for generations to come. I would also like to thank you for maintaining professionalism throughout the entire process. I was very pleased to see an internet business handled with such integrity.
Sincerely, AB, Massachusetts March, 2007

Hello Steve,
The watch arrived safely and there was no unpleasantness from Swiss customs. Absolutely marvelous watch and immaculate state of conservation!
With best regards, A.M., Switzerland March, 2007

Hallo Steve,
Thank you for your e-mail and for your concern about my order. I received the chain on the 14th and I did send you an e-mail the same day, but I guess you did not get it. I am very happy about the chain and I will continue to look at your website for watches and other things.
Yours sincerely, CMR, Sweden March 2007

Hello Steven,
I have the repeater in my hand, and it is very very very beautiful ! It's going on very well. Many thanks for the instructions. Perhaps an other watch ??
Cordially JR, France March, 2007

I received the watch today and it is very nice just as good as condition as you stated. It is a gift and I know will be enjoyed tremendously.
Thank you, A.H., NH March, 2007

Dear Steve,
The Jules Jurgensen watch has arrived safe and sound, and is running perfectly. What a beautiful piece of workmanship it is! I can sit studying it for hours. Thank you so much for your kind advice during the process of buying it. This has been a very positive buisness transaction indeed, particularly considering the great distances involved. I can recommend you unreservedly to any future customers, and would like to do buisness with you again. I am particularly grateful to you for all your help and understanding. Thank you once again Steve.
All best wishes and regards, R.W. Germany February, 2007

Steve, the watch has arrived and it is a treasure. Thanks for all your help, I will keep in touch.
Regards, J.R., Texas February, 2007

The pride of my collection, Steve! Simply a gorgeous repeater! Case is tight as a drum, and the movement is pure art. The original Patek certificate tops off an impeccable piece!
Best, BB, VA February, 2007

Just got it! It's even nicer than your description - thanks! As always, it was a real pleasure dealing with you.
Thanks again. GM, Georgia February, 2007

Hi Steve,
The watch has arrived safely....very happy with the watch. It is so much better in the flesh than the images on your web I said before images on the web are not always indicative of true colour or patina...I was quite thrilled with the watches appearance... Once again many thanks
Kind regards, RG Australia February, 2007

Hi Steve -
The watch arrived safely this morning and it is lovely. Thank you very much.
Regards, DS, Texas January, 2007

Hello Steve,
The watch arrive today. Absolutely superb piece that looks much better then in the photos. It is also works fine and I'm very happy with this buy. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I'll be grateful if you let me know when you'll have any high grade Longines watch.
Best regards, H.K., Israel November, 2006

I received the Lange and it's magnificent! I held my breath as I carefully opened it to examine every detail. I'm a very lucky guy!
Best regards, BB, Virginia November, 2006

Hello Steve,
The watch just arrived in good order! It is working fine and it produces a sound I never heard before, it is the sound of the 17th Century !
Best Regards, DL, Belgium October, 2006

Dear Stephen,
The watch and chain arrived today and I am delighted with them. They will relate well to a style described by Vever in his classic book on 19th century jewelry.
Thanks again GC, Australia September, 2006

Just got it! It's even nicer than your description - thanks! As always, it was a real pleasure dealing with you.
Thanks again. GM, Georgia August, 2006

Hi Steve:
The watch is GORGEOUS. I am surprised (and glad) that no one else had the good sense to buy it before I did. It is absolutely magnificent in every way.
Thanks, CH, Virginia August 2006

Hi Steve
I have just received the watch with good condition. Thank you very much for your kind support. I hope we can do more business in the near future.
Regards, JN, Japan August, 2006

Hello Steve,
May be due to the word FRAGILE on the package, they didn't want to send it too fast, so the box arrived after 9 days this morning. And in perfect condition. I am glad with my acquisition. Kind regards
LG The Netherlands August, 2006

Hi Steve
Many thanks, you were absolutely correct that a little more patience on my part was required. It arrived today expertly packed and is a truly superb watch, and is just what I wanted, I am delighted with it. Thanks again for your superb service.
Regards JS UK August 2006

Thank you so much! The watch arrived yesterday. Beautiful!!! It's absolutely beautiful and I really think he'll love it!! Thanks again for all of your help. I appreciate all the time you took to help me find the perfect watch. I will definitely recommend your site to many!
Fondly, KA, California July 2006

Hi Steve
The Watches have arrived and are as beautiful as shown and they seem to be in perfect running order at this time, I will be ordering some more in the near future for my collection which is for my enjoyment to look at and to wear.
CC, California July 2006

Hi Steve,
Just to let you know the watch arrived at the post office this morning. I am delighted with it . Thanks for everything!
P.N. CT July 2006

Good afternoon, Steve,
I wanted to let you know that my watch arrived today, it is very nice and all seems to be in order at this time. Thanks for your most courteous and prompt service!
Best regards, S.G. Ohio July, 2006

Dear Steve
Today(June 20) I received the Patek pocket watch. It is very fine & substantial. Thank you very much.
Best Regards, HO, Japan June 2006

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived yesterday! The watch is beautiful and we are very happy. Many thanks. All the best,
JA, UK April 2006

Hello, Stephen. Watch came through fine. Beautiful thing!
M.G. IL January 2006

Hey Steve -
I received my pendant watch today. It is absolutely stunning. I am so pleased with the condition of the watch, the look of the watch... everything about the watch. I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I was when I opened the package. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! It is even more beautiful than it looked on the internet. I am very pleased with my choice! I am one extrememly satisfied customer.
Thank you again, A.L. New Mexico

Got the watches on Mon, Love the Datofix. The service was great. Thanks for the great pieces.
B.C. Minnesota

Hello Steve,
I received the watch today and I'm satisfied with it. Thank you and I look forward to corresponding with you again in the future.
Best regards, I.K. Japan

Dear Steve,
The watch arrived at my office this morning. I have wound it up and it is ticking away merrily on my desk; I've worked the repeat function and it seems fine. It is a beautiful watch.
Yours, M.S. MN

Hi Steve,
My father is very satisfy of this pocket watch I received. If you have other one like this condition please let me know I have interested to buy another one.
Best Regards, T.H. Taiwan

The watch came yesterday. I love it!
Many thanks, J.D. Louisiana

Hello Stephen-
Watch came through fine. Beautiful thing!
M.G. Illinois

Hello Steve,
Thanks a lot for the watch. There is no surprise. The watch is as I imagine it, seeing the pictures. Your watches' pictures show exactly the subject. We can not be misled. I have get what I have see. That the more important thing for anybody to be in confidence when he's buying on internet. I can't say the same thing on the other watch web sites. That sure, I recommend this great site to everybody. Best Regards
P.H. France

The watch has arrived and appears to have survived the trip. I have wound it and it appears to be working well. Thanks for moving this so quickly. I will certainly visit your site in the future and likely be a repeat (no pun intended) customer.
Regards, P.S. New York

Dear Stephen,
The watches and chains just arrived and they are beautiful. I got the winding part figured out – I hadn’t been sure if I would need a key or not – obviously they are stem-wound. I’m so very pleased with these. I may be in touch with you in the very near future. I’ve got a little more that I’ve been socking away in hopes of finding some nice watches, and I’d really like to pick up something nice in gold. Thank you again, and hopes that you have a wonderful weekend.
Best regards, P.C. Nevada

Hi Steve (If I may be so personal),
just to let you know that the watch arrived this morning. Everything was o.k. The photos do not do it justice, and it looked fab in them. I am still giddy as a schoolgirl over the watch!
G.D. Scotland

Hi Steve,
I got your watch on Saturday morning. Thank you The watch is very nice, just liked you said. Keep me in touch. I will keep an eye on your collection Nice doing business with you.
Sincerely, M.C. Hong Kong

As they say in New York it is beeutifool. Can't get over the condition of this watch. It is in wonderful condition. I really like it. Thanks so much. I look forward to dealing with you again.
Sincerely, L.D. California

Dear Mr. Bogoff,
The watch has arrived yesterday. Thank you. The look of the watch and the movement was better than I thought. Thank you very much.
Sincerely, H.N. Japan

Hi Steve,
Received the lovely watch in good condition.
Thanks. N.T. Singapore

Hi Steve,
The watch arrived safely and I'm very happy. Thank you for taking the time to box it so carefully.
Sincerely, P.K. California


Dear Steve:
The watch has arrived and it is beautiful! I am very pleased and appreciate your help and guidance. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I'll pass along your web site to my friend when I give her the watch. I'm sure she'll want to keep an eye on your inventory as she develops her pocket watch collection.
C.N. Virginia

HI Steve,
The watch arrived safe and sound just before I left for a weeks holiday. It is absolutely brilliant and I am really really pleased with it. You were dead right about it being delayed in customs but it got through in the end. I will keep an eye on your watches and have told a few of my collector customers to check you out and buy with confidence. Thanks again for a truly tasty watch!
Best wishes, N.S. United Kingdom

Steve, It arrived safely, and was very well received! It is a lovely example of V & C craftsmanship.
J.W. Minnesota

Dear Steve,
I received the Howard pocket watch that my uncle purchased for me and am very pleased with. It is a beautiful watch, even better than the pictures. Thank you for your time and for the beautiful watch. C.B., Mississippi

My husband loved his watch. He wasn't thrilled that I spent that much on him (because he has a basic idea of their price) but he loved it just the same. Thank you again for having a hand in making this Christmas special,
S.P. Pennsylvania

I received the watch this week. It's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship in all expects...the pictures didn't do it justice. Again, thanks for the exquisite pocket watch.
Warm Regards, F.H. Texas

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